“Shelley is a wizard!”  – Shia LaBeouf

“To speak about Shelley, for me, means to write a love letter. The simplest way to put it, there are these extensions in life, necessary life lines. From the moment we’re born, our umbilical cord;  a ship’s line that holds the anchor down below on the ocean floor;  a shoe lace that holds our foot in the shoe;  these lines hold us down, ground us, allow us to move around with subtle life needs, yet still these lines connect us to our greater purpose. -The babies to survive, the boat to continue its journey, the shoe laces to protect our body on this earth.  Shelley is that, she’s that life line, she’s the fairy dust that tinker bell spreads on you to fly.  She’s the kiss that woke sleeping beauty!, she’s the fuel in your engine to keep you going; only this fuel is unlimited.  Sometimes you’ll take a pit stop, and then you’ll get back in the driver seat and head on your way.  She pulled me up when I was in the bottom of a self made trap. She’s given me the wisdom, the knowledge. and the power to carry myself through life and in my work; hands down and chin up.  She’s birthed me!  And she not only talks it, but she can definitely walk it,  …rare,  a jewel.”  -Bobby Soto @bobbyjuniorsoto (The Tax Collector, Narcos Mexico)

“Shelley is a fearless explorer of humanity and culture. With Shelley the script is the tip of the iceberg and what she brings out is the wealth of life in the ocean beneath.” –Aaron Glenane @aaronglenane (Killing Ground, Whiskey 68, Snowpiercer)

“Working with Shelley brought my opera career to the next level. By inviting me to connect to the magic that always flowed within me, I allowed my voice to become, as Shelley refers to it, “heavenly vapor.” It was through working with Shelley that I recognized the strain of perfectionism and turned my eyes instead to the pleasure and purpose of performance. Shelley’s wisdom feels ancient, as though she was sent here to usher in a revived excellence. 

Shelley allowed me to see how all things in my life are sources for my opera. I often refer to Shelley’s nuggets of wisdom, including the concept of outsourcing authority, in which we as artists give away our power, by seeking outward validation. Instead, she instructs us to live to tell. We are called upon to share, to tell, to teach. She encourages us to excavate; that which springs forth from ourselves, and from the text. Shelley’s ability to read between the lines, and plumb deeply into subtext and subtle meaning is unprecedented. This insight alone is worth every moment spent in her studio. Shelley is a gift to the artist and to the world.”
Litha Ashforth @your.litha


“Shelley Mitchell strengthens your acting while preserving your spirit on any job you may have. The magic of the universe and acting come together when working with this guardian angel of the craft and spirit.” 

“Thank you so much, Shelley! I really appreciate you keeping me grounded and supported!”

-Noemi Gonzalez (Selena: The Series, The Tax Collector, The Young and The Restless) @iamnoemigonzalez

“Shelley is Magic. She’s opened my eyes to what it truly means to be an actor and to the history of the craft. The conversations she stirs up forces us to take a deeper look at our lives in and out of the class room. Since training with Shelley, I’ve grown as a person taking more authority in my life and it’s direction, walking in my power. Her warmth, honesty and talent are supreme. Shelley is also actively living in a discovery process of her own and is a guiding light pushing us towards our highest potential as artists and people.”  -Nick Baga  @NickBaga


“Shelley is the real deal!” -Sean Penn


“Shelley took me on a journey to discover my true essence as an artist. She went to a deep level so that anything learned would stick even when I was under enormous pressures.  Now the performance place is somewhere I go to feel real, true, and alive; the gift it should always have been.” -AlunaGeorge @alunageorge


 “Shelley’s work is very definite, very sound, very detailed…”  -Lee Strasberg



“Behind every great actor there’s almost always a great teacher.  If you are eager to up your game as an actor, Shelley Mitchell’s class is a must!” -Rita Moreno, EGOT


“Seeing Shelley bring Talking with Angels to life, three dimensional and whole, amazed me!” -Eamonn Walker (Chicago Fire, Duma, Lord of War)



“I met Shelley when we were both studying with Lee Strasberg in the 1970s. Her talent was a magnet that drew everyone’s attention.  In fact, as I recall, she was one of Strasberg’s favorites, if not the favorite!” -Harvey Keitel