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Old School Training with
Shelley Mitchell

Shelley Mitchell has been cooking ‘The Method’ back to its liberating and mind-expanding essence for 25+ years. She’s a teacher, mentor and coach who can help you tap into parts of yourself that you didn’t know you had. ​

This is a boutique acting class helping students at all levels make significant breakthroughs towards their goals.


Shelley is a creative midwife helping actors, dancers and singers take a deep dive into their essence. 

Through Scene Work,  traditional Method Acting exercises, experimental theater, and energy healing you will learn to:

• sound unscripted
• see the universal in the personal
• stop outsourcing authority
• transform fear into action
• eliminate stress


Shelley Mitchell
Classes • Coaching Workshops

Professional training for working actors and serious beginners looking to change the world through art.

in Hollywood




“Shelley is a wizard!”
-Shia LaBeouf

Litha Ashforth and Shelley Mitchell

“Working with Shelley brought my opera career to the next level. She is a gift to the artist, and to the world.”   @your.litha

Eleonora Duse transformed the nature of acting. Though she died nearly 80 years ago, her influence lives in the work of movie stars today, men and women schooled by the generation of American acting teachers who had seen Duse perform when they were young and half a century later still held her up to their students as the exemplar of what an actor could be. Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler, who agreed about virtually nothing else, both worshiped her. “The Theatre will require the next hundred years to deal with what Duse represented,” Strasberg told his students at the Actors Studio. “There is none like her — none…” (LA Times article 8/24/03)

At Duse Studio we are dealing with what she represented, and passing it on to a new generation.

Duse Studio

Shelley Mitchell, founder and artistic director
Wednesdays: 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

6472 Santa Monica Blvd.
upstairs in the M.C. studio

Los Angeles CA 90036

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