Inspiration and training
for working actors
and serious beginners.

Shelley Mitchell is a creative midwife helping actors, dancers, writers, filmmakers and singers make game changing discoveries. She’s a teaching artist and mentor who can help you attune to your inner wisdom and make moment-to-moment acting the new normal for you. More about Shelley here.


Through Scene Work, traditional Method Acting exercises, experimental theater, and energy healing you can discover parts of yourself that you didn’t even know were there!

Learn to:

• sound unscripted
• see the universal in the personal
• stop outsourcing your authority
• transform fear into action
• eliminate stress

Duse Studio


Acting Classes

For actors, filmmakers and serious beginners.

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“A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth.”
Albert Einstein

“Shelley taught me that the script is the surfboard and the actress is the surfer.”  SULEM CALDERON,
Mayans MC Season 3,  

Bobby Soto

“To speak about Shelley, for me, means to write a love letter.   …She pulled me up when I was in the bottom of a self made trap. She’s given me the wisdom, the knowledge and the power to carry myself through life and in my work; hands down and chin up; she’s birthed me!  And she not only talks it, but she can definitely walk it,  …rare,  a jewel.”  @bobbyjuniorsoto (The Tax Collector, The Quarry, Narcos, Mexico)

Noemi Gonzalez

“Shelley strengthens your acting while preserving your spirit on any job you may have.  The magic of the universe and acting come toether when working with this guardian angel of the craft and spirit.”

@iamnoemigonzalez (Selena: The series on Netflix, The Tax Collector, Dark Web, East Los High, Y&R)

“Eleonora Duse transformed the nature of acting. Though she died nearly 80 years ago, her influence lives in the work of movie stars today, men and women schooled by the generation of American acting teachers who had seen Duse perform when they were young and half a century later still held her up to their students as the exemplar of what an actor could be. Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler, who agreed about virtually nothing else, both worshiped her. ‘The Theatre will require the next hundred years to deal with what Duse represented,’ Strasberg told his students at the Actors Studio.”
-LA Times article August 24, 2003

At Duse Studio, our mission is to bring Eleonora Duse’s sense of artistry and spirituality to a new generation.

Duse Studio of Dramatic Art

Shelley Mitchell, founder and artistic director

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