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Watch this video where Elia Kazan,  founder of the Actors Studio, explains how Method Acting shifted our consciousness and paved the way to dramatic film acting as we experience it today.


Shelley Mitchell’s methodology is growting the right parts of an individual person, regardless of where they’re currently at. She is a creative midwife who helps her students source from their own essence and works with all levels of people. -Shelley has taken the chauvinism out of the conversation and replaced it with mindfulness,  mind/body awareness, left/right brain balance and the art of allowing. She is a trained practitioner of Applied Kinesiology and uses it to help her students  keep themselves emotionally balanced, centered and focused.

This is a boutique acting class that helps students at all levels make significant breakthroughs towards their goals. The fundamentals are:

1) Seeing the Universal in the Personal

2) Sounding Unscripted

3) Not Outsourcing Authority

4) Developing Mental and Physical Agility

5) Developing Focus

6) Cultivating Self-Awareness

Each three hour class is divided into two parts:

  • Part 1  is focused on the the actor’s instrument.
  • Part 2 is focused on shared work:  scene study,  monologues, improvisations and auditions.

Traditional Method Acting exercises are a departure point for this training, however, students are encouraged to stay away from obsessing over any approach that upstages their own creative spark. 



Shelley’s hands on approach is rooted in her early training Lee Strasberg  and her experience as a performing artist and teacher.  In the 1970s she lived in New York City and trained at The Circle in the Square Theater School . At that time she also worked on Al Pacino’s production of Brecht’s Arturo Ui at The Public Theater and was part of The Actors Studio.   At Circle in the Square Theater School  she worked with Estelle Parsons (Oscar winner, Bonnie and Clyde), Irene Papas (Zorba the Greek), David Margulies (The Sopranos), Nikos Psacharopoulos (founder of the Williamstown Theater Festival) and Ellen Burstyn (The Exorcist and Oscar winner for Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore).

As a performer, Shelley is best known for her critically acclaimed stage performance of TALKING WITH ANGELS: BUDAPEST, 1943. She can be seen on the big screen in SORRY TO BOTHER YOU, written and directed by her student, Boots Riley, and in the 2016 LA Film Festival award winning film GREEN IS GOLD, starring, written and directed by her student Ryon Baxter.

In addition to teaching at Duse Studio, Shelley is a frequent  guest artist at the SAG Conservatory and co-founded Slauson Rec. Theater School  in south central LA with Shia LaBeouf and Bobby Soto.  She  produced their 2019 Sacred Spectacle event with the Slauson Rec. players.

Shelley began her teaching career in Venice, Italy where she lived throughout the 1980s. Surprised by the extremely positive and life-changing effect her class had on both actors and non-actors, Shelley developed an approach integrating mindfulness, art and science that helps her students make full use of their talent.

In 2014, Shelley moved to LA from San Francisco where she had been teaching in her private studio for 20 years.  In San Francisco her students ranged from Silicon Valley entrepreneurs like Adam Smith (seed investor of Drop Box and founder of Kite),  to world class performing artists like Tom Waits (Seven Psychopaths) and Eamonn Walker (Lord of War, Chicago Fire).  Guest teachers at Duse Studio include Sean Penn, Shia LaBeouf,  Eamonn Walker, Jill Eikenberry and Joseph Cross.


Demystifying the Method…

Demystifying the Method…

   Salvador Dali politely asks me if I would put my hand between my legs, turn my gaze towards the ceiling and show him what my face looks like after a climax from pleasuring myself. I go along with his request and hold this pose for about half an hour (minus the...

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