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“Does it seem to you that it is possible to speak of art? …It would be the same as trying to explain love.” – Eleonora Duse, 1858-1924

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We hope these suggestions inspire and guide you to a deeper understanding of dramatic art.

The Congress
Insight into where the entertainment industry is now, where it’s going and what it’s doing to artistic impulse. Starring Robin Wright and Harvey Keitel.

Pleasantville with Toby Maguire and Reese Witherspoon
Broadway: The Golden Age by Rick McKay
Hearts of Darkness, Eleanor Coppola (a documentary)
The Burning Times, Donna Reed (on women & spirituality)*
I’ll Do Anything (with Nick Nolte)*
Vanya on 42nd St., Louis Malle, with Julianne Moore *
Stella Adler: Awake and Dream(a documentary on her teaching)
Joseph Campbell interview with Bill Moyers
Looking for Richard, Al Pacino*Pacino- An Actor’s Vision collection
Stanislavsky Century (available from the library) a 3 part video
Esther Kahn, starring Summer Phoenix*
Mephisto, starring Klaus Maria Brandauer*
The Hours
The Pianist, Roman Polansky
What the Bleep do we Know
Frances, starring Jessica Lange
Beyond the Sea- Kevin Spacey*
Searching for Debra Winger- Rosanna Arquette
Lenny- The story of Lenny Bruce, dir. Bob Fosse
The Best of Youth (Italian)
In America *
Being Julia *
Dogville, Lars Von Trier, starring Nicole Kidman
The Lives of Others *
Mulholland Drive, starring Naomi Watts
Into the Wild
The Gods Must be Crazy
Unscripted, directed by Steven Soderberg, produced by George Clooney *
Tetro *
Youth without Youth
I am Love
Two Lovers
The Hurt Locker
The Burning Plain
After the Wedding
Meetings with Remarkable Men – Peter Brook
Withnail & I
The Names of Love
Black Swan *
The Kings Speech
Capote and Infamous (back to back)
An Education
The Congress by Ari Folman
Stella Adler: Awake and Dream
Ellie Parker by Naomi Watts
The Godfather by Frances Ford Coppola
Locke with Tom Hardy
Detachment with Adrian Brody
THE FEVER  by Wallace Shawn, starring Vanessa Redgrave, Angelina Jolie and Michael Moore  -only on HBO
Listen to Me, Marlon
(A​ documentary about  acting narrated by Marlon Brando on Showtime!)
My Big Break by Tony Zierra

(Not in any particular order.)


Stella Adler- Interview and Acting Class

Documentary about Lee Strasberg and Method Acting

Daniel Day Lewis – Interview

Daniel Day Lewis – another Interview

Daniel Day Lewis – getting SAG award

Juliette Binoche on Charlie Rose

Juliette Binoche on Inside the Actors Studio

Bradley Cooper on Inside the Actors Studio

Tupac talks about acting

 Naomi Watts on Charlie Rose

Jude Law on Charlie Rose, speaking about playing Hamlet

Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet, Micky Rourke, Frank Langella talk to Charlie Rose

Marilyn Monroe – Lee Strasberg

Brando Method Discussion Part 1

Marlon Brando interview 1989

Marlon Brando Interview Dick Cavett 1973

Sammy David Jr.

Stella Adler teaching

Uta Hagen Part 1

Sean Penn on Marlon Brando and the art of acting

Sean Penn’s speaks about acting, Hollywood, and the internet

Cate Blanchett on Charlie Rose

Bradley Cooper on Inside the Actors Studio

Thandie Newman on

Al Pacino on Inside the Actors Studio

Estelle Parsons- Oscar winner and Artistic dir. of the Actors Studio (4 part interview!)

Angelina Jolie on Inside the Actors Studio

Method Acting- “Red Method Acting”

MIchelle Williams- Interview

Dennis Hopper on Method Acting

 James Dean (Masters) Part 1 

James Dean- Interview

James Dean- speaking with his father

Marlon Brando on Larry King Live

Theater of War- Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline

Sandy Meisner – What we learn in acting class 

Meryl Streep on auditioning




Out of Your Mind- Alan Watts – (I & II)

Alan Watts – animated by South Park creators

Liz Coleman’s call to reinvent Liberal Arts Education

Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke of Insight- The Left and Right Brain

Iain McGilchrist fine tunes The Left and Right Brain connection

Dr. Cornel West- On Being Human

The Century of the Self

Eve Ensler – A talk for actors

J.K Rowling Commencement speech at Harvard

Dana Gould (Family Guy) and Brian discuss his book ‘Wish It, Want It, Do It!’

Royal Society of Art youtube on empathy

Smile or Die

The Secret Powers of Time

Noomi Rapace speaks about developing her character The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Jaron Lanier speaks about You Are Not A Gadget

The Burning Times

The Girl Who Silenced the World at the U.N. for 5 minutes

Speak with Conviction

The Importance of Being Present

Fishead- Essential watching for aspiring actors and actresses.

Watch Matthew Weiner, creator of MADMEN, speak about the last episode, the series, the actors and the writers.

Dr. Mario Martinez talks about the power of the Mind/Body connection. It’s also an excellent explination of Method Acting!

Through her TEDtalk on Shame, Dr. Brené Brown inadvertently gets to the heart of great acting,

From James Grissom’s blog, Follies of God : Thoughts on acting from Elia Kazan

Uta Hagen’s word of advice for modern actors​


Personal Growth Links

Where to begin to introduce you to the incredible Dr. Mario Martinez?! This youtube is a good place to start. His understanding of the mind-body connection is a perfect demonstration of why dramatic art and great story telling is so transformative. Enjoy!

A life-changing podcast! -Listen to Ian McGilchrist explain how left/right brain functions really work .

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